The South Asian Times

08 December 2019 15:34 PM

Goa CM to appoint agency to study beach erosion


Panaji, July 15: Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday said that a scientific agency would be soon appointed to study the phenomenon of beach erosion which washes away beach stretches across Goa's coastline every monsoon.

"I cannot assure you that it will be done within the next six months. It may take some time, but the government will get down to taking the agency on board as soon as possible," Sawant told the Goa Assembly during Question Hour, as MLAs across party complained of sand erosion on Goa's beaches every year.

The agency once recruited, Sawant said, would advice the state government on remedial measures to be undertaken in order to arrest beach erosion.

Sawant said that efforts by governments in the past, including building of concrete walls to prevent erosion, were not proving to be effective.

"The 'rubble walls' are proving to be more effective. We should not simply go in for concrete retaining walls. There are other options too," Sawant said.


Update: 15 July, 2019