The South Asian Times

17 October 2018 15:30 PM

American Muslim leaders publish report outlining tools to stop ISIS recruitment

New York: The terror attack in New York by a self-declared member of ISIS has come on the heels of last week’s Women’s Islamic Initiative for Spirituality & Equality Summit held in Washington, DC which launched the report, WISE Up: Knowledge Ends Extremism, and where Muslim and interfaith leaders outlined steps to end all forms of extremism, from terrorism to Islamophobia.  Daisy Khan, the executive editor, and the collaborators of the WISE Up report are requesting a sit-down, face-to-face meeting with the President and House and Senate leadership to discuss this recently published resource. Daisy Khan, Executive Director of WISE Up is leading this appeal.

WISE Up, is a multi-faceted campaign to prevent the spread of extremist ideology and hate crimes in America.  At its core, WISE Up uses knowledge as the most powerful tool against all forms of extremism and centers around a 375-page research and evidence-based report authored by 72 faith leaders, and public servants. In this resource, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, other faith, and political experts have provided their expertise on practical ways to counter extremism, hate crimes, Islamophobia, and terrorism committed in the name of Islam by groups like ISIS.

More than 100 mosques and 50 Interfaith Centers have endorsed the WISE Up campaign.

Update: 10 Nov, 2017