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16 July 2019 20:40 PM

'Berozgars' vs 'Chowkidars': Berozgars won the round

By Vijay Krishna

New Delhi, March 31: In the ongoing twitter bout between the giant killer 'chowkidar' and the challenger 'berozgar", the underdog challenger won the round on March 30. The 'berozgars' delivered a killer undercut with the their #MainBhiBerozgar punch that became number one national trend on twitter on Saturday. On their part, the 'chowkidars' did land some impressive punches - #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu, #NaMoforAssam, #NorthEastforModi #Gandhinagar etc - the other leading trends of the day.

The March 30 round started little after midnight. #MainBhiBerozgar landed the first punch at 1:13 am with @yuvahallabol, youth front of @_SwarajIndia, tweeting "Main hoon SSC me vyapt anniyammatta se pidit berozgar (I am a victim of the prevalent corruption in staff selection commission) #MainBhiBerozgar."

As the round progressed the underdog got a shot in the arm with @INCIndia, the official twitter handle of the Congress party, joined the #MainBhiBerozgar corner. Thereafter, amid rousing replies, retweets and likes on twitter, punches and counter-punches flew wildly. Here is a punch-by-punch account:

Unemployment is the most pressing issue of our time, crores of young people have no jobs & no hope under the current govt. Modi can try & distract them with political gimmicks but the youth of India have one thing to say #MainBhiBerozgar: @INCIndia.

Unemployment has a direct impact on inequality. Unemployment is at a 45-year high. 73% of wealth generated in 2017 went to the richest 1% Poorest 50% saw their *wealth* increase by only 1% Don't be shocked. Do something about it! #MainBhiBerozgar: @SalmanSoz, member of congress party.

Jobs are the single biggest crisis facing India's youth. Unemployment is at a 45-year high. Workforce has shrunk by 4.7 Cr 3.7 Cr Casual Labourers have lost employment, 3 Cr are Farm Labourers [NSSO]... India's says #MainBhiBerozgar, Chowkidar Stole Jobs!: @rachitseth, National media coordinator AICC.

In the no-holds-barred battle that ensued, some punches hit below the belt. "India's youth aren't your salespeople and neither are they your pakodawale Mr NoMo. #MainBhiBerozgar," tweeted @IYC, the official twitter handle of the Youth wing of the Indian National Congress.

Dogged 'chowkidars' took it all on their chins and managed to land some impressive counter-punches that were ranked among the other leading twitter trends for the day. Take a look:

It's so heartening to see a HUGE crowd turned up to listen to the address by Hon PM Sri @narendramodi at Moran, Assam. #NorthEastforModi #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu #Assam4BJP: @himantabiswa, Assam Finance Minster.

Electrifying atmosphere at @BJP4India National President Shri @AmitShah's road show. #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu: @BJP4Gujarat, the official twitter BJP Gujarat Pradesh.

But the 'chowkidars' were clearly outmatched. During the break before the next round @_YogendraYadav, National President of the political outfit Swaraj India was seen encouraging his protege. He tweeted: Well done @yuvahallabol...Please tweet with hashtag #MainBhiBerozgar.

The champion will be declared on May 23, till then the jury is out!


Update: 31 March, 2019