The South Asian Times

20 July 2018 19:52 PM

Dilip Chauhan 1st Asian American to become Deputy Comptroller in Nassau County

Mineola, NY:  Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos has announced the promotion of Dilip Chauhan to the position of Deputy Comptroller for Minority Affairs. Chauhan had joined the Comptroller's office in 2015 as Director for Community Affairs, South and East Asia and has served as senior advisor to the Comptroller since early 2017.

“Mr. Dilip Chauhan has done an outstanding job for the County in advancing the Comptroller’s mission by assisting members of the minority communities to better navigate local government, helping resolve governmental issues faced by minority constituents and ensuring MWBEs gain full access to business opportunities,” said Comptroller Maragos. “I have the utmost confidence that Dilip will be a strong advocate for our minority communities in ensuring that Nassau County Government serves all resident equally.”

After taking his oath Aug 2 on  "Vachanamrut", a Hindu Swaminarayan scripture, Chauhan said, “It’s an honor and a privilege to be appointed the position of Deputy Comptroller. I am excited to continue my work, supporting the Comptroller's efforts to provide equal opportunity for MWBEs to do business with Nassau County. It's my great honor to work alongside Mr. Maragos who is one of the most honest and decent men in public service.”

Chauhan states that minority communities are an integral part of the fabric of Nassau County. “These vibrant minority communities have grown in population accounting for nearly 40 % of our residents, but remain under-represented in government and often experience difficulty navigating the bureaucracy to get the services that they need and deserve,” he says, adding, “The Comptroller’s Office has been a driving force in advocating for increased business opportunities for Minority and Women Owned Enterprises (MWBEs), and Veterans to meet the County’s aspirational goals.”

Chauhan has been active in numerous community and business organizations including: Advisor to AAPI, Board member for Service Now for Adult Persons (SNAP); Advisor for South Asian Affairs, New York State Assembly.  He has been recognized with numerous awards for his community service in last one decade.

Dilip Chauhan is married with two children and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Update: 12 Aug, 2017