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18 February 2019 17:27 PM

Falu's Bazaar - A musical journey through South Asian culture

New York: Falu’s Bazaar is a vibrant and diverse album of Indian children’s music from Falu, an international artist known for her unique blending of modern and classical stylings. This playful yet educational collection is the first of its kind, teaching South Asian culture through a spirited presentation to today’s youth. Join Falu and her incredible band on a musical journey celebrating the instruments, languages, sights, and humanity of a diverse world, out February 16, 2018.

On Falu’s Bazaar, the artist explores how arts and roots can be both cherished and preserved if introduced to children early on. Falu believes that by teaching young children about different cultures, they will grow up to respect the diverse world as a place for all to live peacefully. Her play-based writing style on these songs keeps the learning experience natural and fun, allowing the educational elements to come through organically. 

Falu’s Bazaar represents a complete journey through a fictional Indian Hulululu Bazaar, showcasing the unique aspects of Indian life. While on the excursion, children experience South Asian culture from the vibrant foods and spices at the market and from the people and languages that they encounter. They will hear common words in Hindi and will learn about geography, Indian rhythms and melodic notes. The trip even leads them into an Indian kitchen to be exposed to different flavors and cooking tools.

In keeping with that history, Falu features three generations on this album performing a variety of ancient vocal stylings. In fact, the album concludes with a lullaby that has been passed down through five generations in Falu’s family. In addition to vocal techniques and themes that may be new to many listeners here, there is also a wide selection of Indian instruments including the Indian flute bansuri, tabla and harmonium presenting new and distinct sounds for fresh ears.

Produced by Grammy-winning producer Danny Blume and by Deep Singh and performed with her impressive band, the album was inspired by performances curated by Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center Education in New York City. Bryan Vargas co-wrote all the songs with Falu (Falguni Shah), Soumya Chatterjee joined as co-writer on “Pots and Pans” and “Rainbow” and played the violin and acoustic guitar on the album. Gaurav Shah played harmonium and bansuri as well as acting as executive producer. Producers Deep Singh and Danny Blume assisted as well with Singh on percussion and tabla and Blume on bass.

Update: 08 Feb, 2018