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21 April 2018 20:34 PM

Hindu Americans for Kumar demands apology from Washington Post for distortion of facts and attack on Hindu traditions

Chicago, IL Feb 26, 2017:  Hindu Americans for Kumar has demanded an immediate apology from Washington Post for the erroneous reporting against Shalabh Kumar and Hindu traditions in the article "The Man Angling to Become the U.S. Envoy to India shares Trump's Love of the Limelight," published on 2/22/17. The article provides biased opinion and indecorous facts while harnessing indirect attack on Hindu traditions of Dharma relationships.

“This is a hit piece targeted to undermine Mr. Kumar’s selfless work for our Nation, Republican Party and Hindu Americans. He is an honorable man of faith who has been working tirelessly for many years”, said Krishna Bansal, on behalf of Hindu Americans for Kumar, explaining how the sacred relationship of Goddaughter in Hinduism is defined. “This seems to be an organized move to tarnish Mr. Kumar’s image due to his major role in President Trump’s victory ”, he continued making an ask to all supporters to write to the editor of Washington Post.  at and

Earlier, Congressman Pete Sessions issued a strong letter to Washington Post stating, “As a Republican Member of Congress who has worked with Mr. Kumar to improve U.S.-India ties, I have seen his involvement up close for many years. I know of no one who has dedicated more time and resources to help the Republican Party engage the Hindu and Indian American communities and to strengthen the relationship between the world's oldest democracy and the world's biggest democracy”.

“I am personally aware of this sacred relationship between Mr. Kumar and his Dharma daughters, Anika and Manasvi, and have had regular involvement with the entire Kumar family. The article on Mr. Kumar ignored some of the basic facts about his incredible contributions to the Republican Party and his staunch devotion to his faith and family. His deep ties with the Indian community present a wonderful opportunity for this Administration to not only bolster the support among Republicans but to also reach across the aisle in the Indian-American community. I believe the Post's readers deserve to know the entire truth about this wonderful man”, continued Congressman Sessions. The entire transcript of his letter is enclosed.

Swami Vigyananand, who is the Hindu Scholar and Founder and Global Chairman of World Hindu Foundation has attested the facts on Biological Vs Spiritual Relations in Hindu Dharma.

Shalabh Kumar is an industrialist, philanthropist, and a fearless leader. He is the Chairman of Republican Hindu Coalition and had played a major role in Trump’s victory in battleground states. This claim has been verified by the scientific polls conducted by Zee News, one of the largest media entities serving the U.S.-Indian community.

Hindu Americans for Kumar is a dedicated group that has formed in admiration of his service to the America and Hindu American community. More information is available on our Facebook page

Contact: Krishna Bansal


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To condemn the Washington Post's "Hit Piece" on Shalabh Kumar, we (@HinduAmericansforKumar) are requesting everyone to please send an email to Washington Post using your personal email account.

Here is an example of how to structure your email:

Sub: I want apology from WP

Your article "The Man Angling to Become the U.S. Envoy to India shares Trump's Love of the Limelight," published on 2/22/17 is extremely offensive to me and my hundreds of friends in the Hindu American community.

Your hit piece is shameful, lacks facts, and attacks important tenets of Hindu faith.

I also want to thank Chairman Pete Sessions to expose your bias and political motives against Mr. Kumar and Hindu Spiritual values.

Your Name

Update: 27 Feb, 2017