The South Asian Times

06 December 2019 11:50 AM

Nassau residents warned not to drive drunk this weekend

Nassau County officials on Friday warned residents against driving drunk during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and announced discount Uber rides to try to reduce drinking-related accidents.

“We have Uber. We have taxi cabs. You can have a designated driver,” she said. “There is a way to have fun and enjoy yourself over the holidays and do it in a safe and responsible way,” Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said at a news conference in Sea Cliff.

State Sen. Jim Gaughran (D-Northport) praised the Uber discount and other efforts underway known as Long Island Safe Ride to cut down on drunken driving.

“Long Island Safe Ride is a multifaceted, private-public partnership to remind everyone that drinking and driving have no place on our roadways,” he said.

“It’s really going to make a difference we hope this Thanksgiving weekend.”

The effort also will include an increase in police patrols.

“We are here to say that there is absolutely no excuse to drive while under the influence on a holiday weekend, or any weekend,” Curran said.

Thanksgiving Eve is the deadliest night of the year for drunken driving in Nassau County, officials said.

Last year there were 34 DWI arrests during the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Curran said.

Update: 02 Dec, 2019