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20 September 2018 22:34 PM

PRINCE ORGANIZATION signs the White House Fair Chance Pledge, The Morality of CEO Sunil Tolani

AUSTIN, TX: PRINCE ORGANIZATION CEO & Social Entrepreneur SUNIL TOLANI signed the White House Fair Chance pledge as he brings a business approach to doing good by Unlocking potentials in the local communities for potential employees like homeless people, young adults disconnected from family, school and work, formerly incarcerated or suffering from disabilities, mental illness and addictions. Many are single adults, veterans or parents with children. Their social benefit corporation provides such people with trainings, support and work making improvements in human and societal wellbeing, rather than solely maximizing profits. Many people have built long term skills, career paths with them and the direct result is greater economic sufficiency and life stability and respect in society with upward mobility and greater opportunity. When more people contribute their fair share of taxes positively, everybody wins.

The White House thanked him for his policies that will strengthen the American Economy. President Trump wrote to him “I am focused on growing our economy, strengthening our leadership, and protecting our citizens. As we look to the future, we know that no challenge will outmatch the spirit of the American people.”

Many Women who have sex for money when they run away from their homes due to abuse to support themselves and later on police arrest them putting them where they land in a detention center. Today a growing number of sexually exploited girls and young women are being rehabilitated instead of incarcerated because of changes in how law-enforcement officials handle prostitution are finding a second chance. Tolani said "Everyone deserves a second chance. The business of second chances is everybody's business. We need to find the moral imperative as a society to secure places in our workforce for those who just need a chance to prove themselves and it must be part of our collective response to keep our streets safe and our communities healthy." further adding My father says “A person becomes a better person through other people. " We’re putting them back on the track of life, love, health, prosperity, helping them find jobs. I want to take a chance.’ But not just taking a chance, also changing a life, and not just one life but also their family. The ripple effects are incredible. The emphasis on work is strategic—Jobs for a Future. Work is ennobling as there’s no such thing as a job that doesn’t bring dignity. Jobs create peace and hope for their families and the community as they get a new life full of positivity.

If they gave out grades for corporate names, Prince Organization would get a A-plus. According to the Organization, their HR is not judgmental with these job applications in a negative light. In fact they believe in giving a second chance, We have hired team members who got on the wrong side of law were in prison, corrections, halfway houses. now they are respectful citizens, model employees contributing positively to the community and society and rather than living on taxpayers dollars are tax contributing citizens. They have demonstrated exceptional turnarounds, their families and friends, probation officers are proud of them, who monitor their continuous behaviors and thank us for believing, employing them.

The company believes that people with criminal records who have served their time and paid their dues to society deserve a second chance. Few things are as important for people trying to rejoin society as having a job. Many of those hired have been dedicated employees who have risen through the company’s ranks. For employers seeking the best talent, it makes sense for a company to consider all factors, including any prior criminal record, in the context of a candidate’s other life experiences. We are in a national competition for the best talent period—not the best talent with or without a record. Hundreds of thousands of people with criminal records try to rejoin society every year, and they want to contribute to their communities and improve their lives. We can help them by breaking down barriers that stand in their way. No one should be judged forever based on what they did on their worst day—and everyone deserves a second chance.

The founder of Prince Organization Succeeded by mastering grunt work and has planted a flag in the world of prestige hospitality industry for nurturing young talent, detecting the diamonds in need of polish. his company operates on principles of meritocracy rewarding hardworking, high performers. The 48-year old Hotelier is polishing a reputation as a forward-thinker employee-centric focus with his emphasis on providing his staff with compensation beyond the industry norm. Despite his high- profile connections and his success, Mr. Tolani an Indian immigrant avoids attention and keeps away from politics. “big shot” is a term he uses pejoratively.

Mr. Tolani encourages morality with his philanthropy with emphasis on character and virtue; at the social level, its message that the right way to get ahead and contribute to your community is by creating opportunity for others putting a human person at the heart of business life where a good business can be a force of Good. Good business leads you to improve your ability to help others improve their lives.   

Maurice Smith a friend said, “Sunny has put himself in a position to impact the greater good, contribute at the deepest and highest level and lead in a way where other people’s lives and his employee’s lives is transformed forever – he’s becoming a world-class leader.” Mr. Tolani said “Being conscious about profiting and giving back is the best decision I have ever made as an owner and the No.1 recommendation I can make to anyone looking to not just improve their profits, but also all the lives around them. There is no better way to a path forward towards our ideals of dignity, inspiration and positive actions.”  

Mr.Tolani has found great success through a philosophy that is based on “taking good care of guests and treating Team Members with dignity and respect,” says his personal attorney Mr. Rodrigue. It is clear this approach has been a primary catalyst to Prince Organization’s outstanding reputation in the industry, as their deals are highly sought after by banks. He has sought to avoid public markets because he wants to own his businesses “forever,” It’s rare you find owners who are so committed and admirable. In addition to Sunny’s steadfast focus on service, respect and loyalty, his advice is to surround yourself with people who are intelligent and kind-hearted, listen to ideas and collaborate together. “Life is too short to do business with people that aren’t nice and kind.” he adds. Pope Francis has written that business can be a “noble vocation.” Mr. Tolani is supporting the efforts to produce more men and women who regard their careers this way. 

Update: 09 Oct, 2017


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