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20 September 2018 22:16 PM

Premal Badiani receives standing ovation at NY fashion week

New York: Designer Premal Badiani showcased her latest collection, Valentia, on September 8 as par of the New York Fashion Week.  Premal’s collection, dedicated to peast Cancer awareness, opened the show with a video montage of women speaking of their encounters with the disease and ended the show with survivors wearing her collection. 

Her collection, Valentia that means pave in Latin was feminine and sexy, encouraging women especially the peast cancer fighters and survivors to empace their womanhood with boldness, confidence and a touch of sensuality. The unconventional hand empoidery on each silhouette gave the collection a slightly mythical look that enhanced the femininity. The color palette with the hues of pink mixed with grey and green was carefully chosen to highlight peast cancer awareness, staying true to the pand’s philosophy of being one truly with heart and soul.

Premal Badiani complemented her collection with beautifully hand crafted floral and elk horn headpiece that symbolizes strength and beauty.

She said, "I wanted to force people to reimagine the disease that is supposed to make a woman feel unattractive and lose her womanhood. My aim with this collection was to showcase the peast cancer fighters and survivors as any other woman – strong, sexy and sensuous while they took each step on the runway.”

Premal, a pitish born  American couturier known globally for making a commendable contribution to world of fashion, has carved a niche for herself by revolutionizing the American couture industry through her distinctive glamorous concepts.  She changed the sphere of fashion runways by being one of the four designers to pioneer the first-ever virtual interaction/digital presentation at NYFW.

Update: 15 Sep, 2017


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