The South Asian Times

17 January 2020 23:36 PM

StudentZmoto-Your college advice simplified


New York: Today, a site called StudentZmojo is launching a simpler way for connecting advisors and students either through phone or chat. All the advisor
needs to do is to mark himself available on the site. 

StudentZmojo founder and CEO Gayatri Reddy said she came up with the idea when she decided to take a sabbatical from work, use her savings to instead
focus on building StudentZmojo. The problem they’re attacking is massive. Students are making bad decisions during the college admissions process and recent college graduates are struggling to pay off student loans. 

“I faced this situation in early 2000’s when I was applying to US universities for my Master’s and there was no site available to tackle this problem,” says Reddy. 

At launch, StudentZmojo walks new advisors through a quick sign-up process where you authenticate by uploading few documents. (The company says it uses security best practices). The company does not employ advisors but rather the advisors will be working as freelancers at their convenience. 

Prior to today, the company had been running a private beta with an undisclosed number of users. While StudentZmojo is attacking a real problem, it’s not yet a comprehensive solution — or even the best way for the way US education system should be enhanced. 

The StudentZmojo team is currently based out of Greater Seattle area, and looking to double the size of the team over the next year with a particular focus on hiring volunteers, interns. 

Update: 02 Dec, 2019