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23 May 2019 04:06 AM

Suraj Patel running for Congress from New York

New York: Suraj Patel is running for the Democratic nomination in New York’s 12th Congressional district. He has raised nearly $550,000 in just eight weeks. In a full quarter, the incumbent Congressperson Carolyn Maloney raised just $129,000, he claims.

“As a proud first-generation Indian American, I’ve been blessed to benefit from all the opportunities that this great country has to offer,” Suraj said. “My family worked hard to get where we are today. Our story is the story of the American Dream. I was inspired to enter politics when I left law school to work for President Obama’s first campaign in 2018, and I continue to be inspired by the hundreds of fellow Obama alums who are stepping up to answer his call for a new generation of progressive leaders.

“With Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the American Dream is under attack. More than ever, we need leaders who will fight back and be effective advocates for the values that make our country and this city great.”

With hospitality in his family’s blood, he serves as the president of the family business, which is spread across 14 states and has thousands of employees.

Suraj also works as an adjunct professor of business ethics at NYU Stern and volunteers his time as an active board member of Atlas:DIY run by immigrant youth and DACA recipients. After Trump’s first travel ban, he volunteered his services as a lawyer at JFK to affected travelers.

He earned a BA in Political Science from Stanford, a law degree from NYU, and eventually a Masters in Public Policy from Cambridge. After contributing time to Hillary's campaign in 2016, Suraj spent the past year building communities like The Arena and Creative Caucus to support a new wave of American leaders.

His campaign website is: 

Update: 22 Feb, 2018