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20 February 2019 10:44 AM

The Promise of America

By Sunil Tolani

242 years ago, on July 4th, America proclaimed independence and thus came into being “land of the free and home of the brave.” This is the time to look forward to something that makes us bigger, better, stronger, smarter and richer. To be an American means to enjoy religious freedoms and exercise your God-given rights.

America is famous as free-market capitalism magnet for the world. The 30th President of the United States, John Calvin Coolidge, had famously said that “the chief business of the American people is business.”

Independence Day has a special meaning for trade and commerce as America has an undying devotion to entrepreneurship and the limitless opportunities available to build and grow your own “American Treasures.” It’s a tribute to Americans who are welcome to pursue their American Dreams.

But America's real wealth is in her ideals and institutions. It is in her freedom of conscience, her untrammeled liberty, untarnished name and unsullied patriotism. It is in her youth of today, and generations to follow.   

We are in the Goldilocks zone as US economy is really ripping with more job openings than unemployed Americans. US job force has the best spirit, desire and will to advance  ingenuity known in the industrial world. At Prince we have changed lives creating an atmosphere where people can work hard, further their education, and have great opportunities as we invest in our associates and the communities we serve in.

Nowhere but in America could somebody who started with as little as I had come as far as I have. The best way to show my gratitude is my commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and inspiring the younger generation. We are proud to be counted among America’s most honored businesses. We fly the flags of best-known brand names in lodging, and are blessed with Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) Humanitarian honor. 

Our business is cultivating admiration and respect, being good stewards of society engaging our team in following the culture of values: dedication, integrity, respect, excellence, community, teamwork and spirit. Our team members present the indomitable spirit and moral standards of our company to the world, making right decisions and having the courage to envision the future.  Our future shouldn't be something that just happens to us, it should be something we create. 

We live and work in a way to offer the fruit of the spirit of hospitality to everyone we meet and cultivate an environment that God is always glorified, and God is able to bring about growth in body and spirit to our team members and our community. We provide a safe, family-values and friendly, wholesome-positive environment for each other, our guests and the neighborhood.     

Yet, at no time in my 20-plus years in America have I seen a nation so divided. All I can say is, “We can be Democrats or Republicans, living in red or blue states, and operating in both states, but we should not vilify others. On this Independence Day, let’s not forget who we are as a people. We are all Americans.”    

God Bless America.

 Pictured Prince Organization CEO Sunil Tolani with his sons. 

Update: 04 July, 2018