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25 May 2019 09:00 AM

Tolani's company giving employees paid time off to vote

Yorba Linda, CA: Politicians are not the only ones encouraging Americans to vote on November 6. Prince Organization, one of the most honored businesses of America, has offered in a letter to team members  up to two-hour paid leave to go out and vote in the midterm election.

In a letter to his company, CEO Sunil Tolani wrote that he believes the voting process instills positive lessons about responsibility, honor, equality, justice, patriotism and leadership. It is about practicing good citizenship, understanding and appreciating our responsibility for civic involvement and being good stewards of the communities.

Prince Organization's executives are mapping out the closest locations near the hotels it runs and might also carpool the associates. Tolani wrote to his employees, "You are the future of this country and continue to practice kindness, compassion and respect for others while building bridges of love and respect. No matter how divided we might be as Red or Blue, voting is your right and a shared experience, a process which everyone should feel proud about as United Americans."

Tolani relates that he has been able to instil the importance of voting in his two young sons, Krish & Aryan, when in 2016 election, he and his wife Neelam took them to the polling booth. "As a first-generation American voting has always been a big deal for me. I felt proud and patriotic," he said.

Honored by NRI Society

Tolani has also been recently conferred the Nelson Mandela Leadership Award by the NRI  Welfare Society. The annual award is given to accomplished NRIs for their humanitarian work, contributions and business achievements. It is given in a ceremony in the House of Commons in London, attended by representatives of the Indian government and the Prime Minister.

Tolani said that he is doing his best “to continue to build Prince Organization as a Gibraltar of a successful and respected business, being recognized as an institution that reflects kindness and spreads love.”

Update: 03 Nov, 2018