The South Asian Times

24 August 2019 09:37 AM

Xavier medical school starts building $60 Million campus in Aruba

Xavier University School of Medicine (XUSOM) held its Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for their new campus in Aruba. Construction has started on the 15-acre campus and phase one will open in July 2020. Once completed at a cost of $60 Million, the entire campus will feature a housing complex, dining facilities, sports courts and a state of the art academic block and research facilities.

For the foundation stone laying, President Ravishankar Bhooplapur was joined by His Excellency Mr. Danguillaume Oduber, Aruba Minister of Health, Tourism, and Sports, and His Excellency Dr. Armando R. Lampe, Aruba Minister of Education, Science & Sustainable Development.

President Bhooplapur and board of trustee members, Dr. J.G. Bhat, Mr. Edwin Casey, Mr. Frank Croes, Dr. P.K. Prahalad and Dr. Ravindra Kota were honored to be joined by Mr. Juan E. Thijsen and Mr. Alan Howell, President and Vice President respectively of the Aruba Parliament, as well as many Aruba MPs and other distinguished guests.

Xavier Chancellor Dr. J.G. Bhat spoke at the ceremony about the growth and development of the university over the past decade. President Ravishankar Bhooplapur spoke about the growing need for quality physicians and thanked the Government of Aruba for their continued support and hospitality, as well as Aruba Investment Bank (AIB) for help to finance the project. This was a historic moment as it signified Xavier’s commitment to the island of Aruba as an excellent location for students to receive a high quality medical education.

Mr. Edwin Casey and the Xavier Board of Trustees honored H.E. Mr. Danguillaume Oduber and H.E. Dr. Armando R. Lampe for their outstanding leadership, dedication and continued support of medical education. The two dignitaries then spoke about the positive impact of Xavier on the island of Aruba, and how they are excited to see the continued future progress that XUSOM will have.

XUSOM’s new campus will be a multiphase project.  Phase 1 will open in July 2020 comprising a 3-story student housing complex, dining facilities, sport courts, etc.  Phase 2 will start in six months on a state of the art academic block including lecture halls, labs, auditorium, computer labs, conference rooms and research facilities. More housing will be added later.  The entire New Campus will see an investment of over $60 million and is expected to be completed by early 2022.

Update: 07 June, 2019