The South Asian Times

24 May 2019 16:56 PM

Y Service Club of North Jersey to organize fundraiser for HealthBarn

The first general body meeting of the Y Service Club of North Jersey, an organization that focuses on charity, decided to hold a fundraiser for HealthBarn in July. The venue will be announced later.

The general body also elected the new officials with Daniel Mohan as president and Dr. Drissa Kone as president-elect.

Other officials are: Carol Pobanz (secretary), Philip Thampan (assistant secretary), Abraham Thomas (treasurer), Michiko Tomioka will serve as the chair of the Woman’s Club and Estella Yessoh will be the chair of the Youth Club. Dr. Jacob David will serve as the chair of the projects/programs and Lisa Arcella as chair of the media/publicity. 

The general body was conducted at the St Andrews Parish Hall in Harrington Park, New Jersey recently. 

The meeting began with singing the hymn “Weave Us Together,” an anthem to its multicultural members that focus on the desire to work together as one to better the greater world.

The highlight of the event was a speech by The Rev. John Gehring, who is credited to have organized more than 100 service projects in over 88 countries.

The Bergen County New Jersey chapter of HealthBarn is located in Ridgewood and is dedicated to encouraging children to learn how to grow and prepare their own food and to make healthier choices throughout their lives. “The club is unique as it has membership from people from different cultures. Usually people from the same community join together to form a club. We thought it is important to bring all people irrespective of their cultural backgrounds to one forum,” said Daniel Mohan, who took the initiative to form the club.

The club has a presence in 70 countries and India leads in membership.

Update: 07 June, 2018