14 temples vandalized overnight in Bangladesh

Dhaka: Unknown miscreants vandalized 14 Hindu temples in Baliadangi Upazila of Bangladesh’s Thakurgaon district overnight, officials said.

There was anger and fear among people who thronged the temples to view the aftermath of the vandalism, and police were deployed to all the temples.

The attacks took place between February 4 night and February 5 morning at different villages in Dhantala, Charol and Paria Unions in the area, Baliadangi Police Station chief Khairul Anam said.

Superintendent of Police Mohammad Jahangir Hossain, who inspected the temples, said that police officials are probing whether the vandalizing of these idols with the aim of destroying communal harmony and tarnishing the image of the country. However,the perpetrators of the incident have not yet been identified, he added.

District Commissioner M Mahbubur Rahman said that those who are carrying out activities to disturb the peace and harmony of the town will soon be brought to book and given exemplary punishment.

Baliandangi Upazila Puja Celebration Council General Secretary Bidyanath Barman said nine temples in Dhantala, one in Charol and four in Paria were attacked. The temples were dedicated to Haribasar, Lord Krishna, Manasa, Luxmi and Kali, among others. “The hands, feet, and heads of the idols were smashed to bits. Some were broken and left in the pond,” he said.

As the news of the attacks spread, the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police inspected the temples.

“After taking a look, it appeared to me that the act was intentional. It was done to disrupt the peaceful situation of the country,” the SP said, vowing to identify and make those responsible face justice.

The Deputy Commissioner said authorities would take steps to prevent such incidents in the future.

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