21 Telugu students deported in visa crackdown

New York: Twenty-one Indian students were deported in a single day last week, which has sparked visa-related concerns. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the students had completed visa formalities but faced document checks and detainment at Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco airports, as per media reports.

According to UniversityHub CEO, Dr Anil Palla, “Major reasons for deportation include; not having sufficient funding for tuition fee, fraudulent documents, looking for jobs on social media, not landing in the location of the universities, etc.”

According to the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) deportation was mainly due to students watching videos and reading documents on how to answer immigration questions. Reading such documents is illegal and can result in detainment of students. As students found there’s lack of clear explanation behind authorities’ actions, they shared that their mobiles and search engines were being checked.

When a student is seen to use social media for checking about availability of jobs or seen talking to their peers about job opportunities and found doing part-time work during studies, immigration authorities will raise many questions considering the student’s intentions of going to the US.

According to the US laws, students are not legally allowed to undertake employment, anyone found doing so will face consequences that can result in losing their visas.

Four Indian-origin graduates among eight Chevron fellows at UH



Houston, TX.: Four Indian-origin students of the University of Houston have been named among eight who received the inaugural 2023 Chevron Graduate Energy Fellowship for actively being involved in innovative energy-related research.

Funded by Chevron, the program supports graduate students’ research efforts through a one-year $12,000 fellowship which includes mentoring by faculty experts and the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts at Chevron, according to a press release.

The UH-Chevron Energy Graduate Fellows have showcased a broad range of energy-related research at the University of Houston (UH) and their work focuses on scalable innovations for transformational impact on the energy industry, it said.

Images courtesy of (Image: Gulte) and (Image: Tribune India)

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