3 Simple Ways to Start a Fitness Routine Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Many of us feel pressure to make healthier lifestyle choices, but it can get overwhelming if we don’t know where to start. Whether you’ve pledged to make yourself healthiest this season yet, or you’re determined to achieve a weight-loss goal, here are three tips that’ll help you ease your way into a healthier lifestyle.

Make Small Changes

You don’t need to dive headfirst into a daunting detox or sign up for 6 a.m. classes at the gym to reboot your healthy lifestyle. All the healthy changes you make, no matter how small, will add up to big differences. Can’t quite commit to an hour-long gym session? Start by working up a sweat in your living room with a 10-minute workout instead.

Set Realistic Goals

Panic can have you making unrealistic goals that do more harm than good. Push yourself to achieve amazing goals by all means, but if the distance between where you are now and where you aim to do more to dampen your spirits than inspire you, revise your goals and use positive affirmations to empower yourself and halt any negative thoughts. Instead of a goal to lose 50 pounds, consider starting with a goal of five pounds that you can work up from.

Do What You Want

If the thought of signing up for a class or hitting the treadmill fills you with dread, you’re more likely to put it off or give up altogether. Upping your activity level by doing something you like and gradually building up the intensity is a great way to stay consistent on your journey.

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