45 days of Jain Upvas in Los Angeles

By Rajendra Vora  

Jain Center of Southern California which I can say is itself a Tirth Dham in my western world. Yes we Angelenos have built a grand mandir including auditorium, swadhyay & pathshala rooms, kitchen, library, parking garage, elevator, living quarters for pujari & so on…More than $15 millions so far spent and still many projects are on drawing board. 

We are lucky to have such Jain Center which keeps our Jain religion intake and keep educating the principles of Jainism especially to American born Jain kids. 

As you know highly religious days for Jain are Paryushan and on last day every Jain does  Samvatsari Pratikraman and asks for forgiveness, which is also called Michhami Dukkadam. It does not simply end that way but Jains are very much in Jivdaya, giving helping hand to everyone & so on…. 

Once again Los Angeles Jains took pride when 30 years young Kripa finished her 45 days of straight fastings. Manish & Beena Parekh are proud parents of Kripa. Kripa by profession is a fashion designer who also did 30 Upvas in 2018 & prior to that she has done 8 Upvas twice and 16 Upvas twice.  

Jain Temple LA President Rajesh Shah honored her at his home during sanji which more than 125 people attended. At bhakti bhav musical sanji Jain Center President Yogesh Shah, Jain Social Group Beverly Hills President Rajendra Vora, G J Zala from BAPS Mandir, Shashi Jogani, Nirav Shah and Neena Jain spoke and congratulated her. For Los Angeles it is a kind of rerun when Ashok Savla did 45 days of fasting few years back. 

The South Asian Times which has wide global readership wishes Khub Khub Anumodana to every Tapasvi around the globe. 


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