5 Kerala cricketers suspended, 8 others fined for dissent

India cricketer Sanju Samson is one among the eight who have been fined.

In a statement issued here by the secretary of KCA, Sreejith V.Nair, said that on the basis of individual hearing with all the players it was clearly evident that the players were involved in endangering the harmony, stability and interest of the Association and also engaged in the signature campaign against the captain.

There was a deliberate intention to defame the captain as well as KCA. Hence, it was unanimously decided to impose suspension on five and fine eight others for their misconduct, said Nair.

Those who have been suspended for the next three one day matches and a penalty equivalent to three days BCCI match fee for one day matches are Raiphi Vincent Gomez, Sandeep S. Warrier, Rohan Prem, Asif K and Mohammed Azharuddeen.

Those who have been fined equivalent to three days BCCI match fee for one day matches are Abhishek Mohan, Akshay K C, Fabid Farook Ahmed, Nidheesh M D, Sanju Viswanadh (Samson), Salman Nizar, Sijomon Joseph and V.A. Jagadeesh.

The players were instructed to remit the penalty amount to the Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund on or before September 15 and to submit a proof of remittance.

KCA has also decided to warn the players to refrain from such activities in future and any repetition of such offence by them will invite severe action.

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