8 Documents required for international travel

Traveling is an exciting experience that brings in a new perspective of the world. Though domestic trips are enjoyable and relaxing, there’s something distinct about international trips that excite us more.

While you begin planning your trip, your first step must be to check the validity of your passport and curate all the documents required for international travel.

As different countries have different document requirements, it is important to check the documents required to visit your destination country before you start arranging your documents.

Passport and Travel Visa

While traveling to another country, it is important to have a passport. If you do not have one, apply for it and, if you already have a passport, check the expiry date; it shouldn’t expire in the coming 6 months or until you come back. Furthermore, it is preferable to carry a copy of your passport.

Another important requirement during international travel is a visa. It is a stamp on your passport which provides permission to enter another country. However, a few countries provide visas on arrival, and for others, you need to apply for the same in advance. Therefore, while planning your trip, check the visa conditions.

Copies of all Identification Documents

You might require your identification documents while traveling or during checking in the hotel, for attending events, etc. Therefore, it is best to carry your original documents as well as a copy of the documents.

Air Tickets and Proof of Accommodation Bookings

These might seem obvious documents, but some people forget to carry them at the end moment. And these are the crucial documents without which you might not be able to continue your trip. Also, it is advisable to have a soft copy of these documents. Proof of accommodation might even be required at the immigration counter.

Travel Itinerary Details

To have an organized trip, it is important to have your itinerary handy. Don’t forget to have a soft copy of the same!

Tickets for Events while Traveling

There might be exciting events or adventurous activities happening in your destination during your trip, for which you make the booking in advance. Don’t forget to have the related details handy.

Covid-19 Travel Documents

If you are traveling during COVID19, you might have to carry a few additional documents, like COVID 19 report, vaccination certificate, etc.

Foreign Currency

One of the important things to carry is a considerable amount of local currency of your destination country. This way, you might be able to save time on getting it exchanged and conversion charges.

Travel Insurance Plan details

Travel insurance is an important document to carry while traveling to foreign nations.

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