Shomik Chaudhuri’s ‘Some Whispers From Eternity’ wins 2024 International Impact Book Award 

Friday, 07 Jun, 2024
Author Shomik Chaudhuri (Photo provided by Shomik Chaudhuri)

New York: The book ‘Some Whispers From Eternity’ by author Shomik Chaudhuri, renowned Indian American media person, United Nations Representative for an international non-profit, entrepreneur and spiritualist, was awarded the prestigious ‘2024 International Impact Book Award’ by the Phoenix, Arizona-based book award platform. 

Book Cover (Photo provided by Shomik Chaudhuri)


‘Some Whispers From Eternity’ is a book on the evolution of consciousness and the upliftment of humanity through the practice of OM Kriya Yoga. It delves into the physical and mental health issues that affect all of us and suggests time-tested ways in which to improve both, with spiritual upliftment and evolution and bring bliss, peace, and happiness in our lives. 

The book also promotes ancient Indian temples which have been relegated to obscurity for a long time. Its features and importance have been discussed through a unique discussion between two friends akin to the style used in the Upanishadic discourses. 

The International Impact Book Awards is a prestigious platform that welcomes submissions from self-published authors, traditional publishing houses, and innovative publishers alike. They accept both print and e-book formats as they do not just recognize books but celebrate impactful stories that resonate with excellence. Winning an International Impact Book Award is more than an accolade – it’s a testament to the quality and significance of one’s work. 

It signals to readers and media professionals that the book stands out in a crowded literary landscape. The award is to give every book the opportunity to be recognized and assessed based on criteria such as content, quality, writing style, presentation, and cover design. 

The award was started in 2019. 

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