Rotary Club of North Shore celebrates Day of Service with blood donation camp

Monday, 10 Jun, 2024
Blood enough to save 177 lives was collected in one day of the drive. (Photo provided by the Rotary Club of North Shore)

The Rotary Club of North Shore celebrated the 'Rotary Day of Service' on May 18, 2024, with a very noble and important blood donation project.

May 18 is celebrated as 'Rotary Day of Service' by several Rotary Clubs around the nation and internationally. The celebration is by doing different humanitarian projects.

'Blood Donation' is a unique project where every human being can help save a life without spending a single penny.

One person donating blood saves three human lives. The impact of 'Blood Donation is three-fold.

The Rotary Club of North Shore is only 7 months young, but they aim high and have a great team.

The President of the club Dr. Mamta Shaha expressed her vision of making May 18, a 'World Rotary Day of Blood Donation' in the future. She did reach out to Rotary Clubs around District 7255, 3132 and 3030.

The project chair Mona Gohil, P R chair Gunjan Rastogi, and President Mamta Shaha donated blood along with other volunteers at the NY Blood Center in New Hyde Park, NY.

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