A $30 yard sale drawing turns out to be German art worth $10 M

A drawing bought for $30 from a yard sale in 2017 was later discovered to be a German Renaissance art valued at more than $10 million. As per Agnews Gallery, the London art gallery currently in possession of this artwork, the drawing titled ‘The Virgin and Child’ was created by Albrecht Dürer who is regarded as the greatest German artist in history. But Durer’s works were not just limited to such artworks and he also counted among the most significant and intellectual figures of the European Renaissance, reported CNN. This particular painting was discovered in 2019 by a Boston-based art collector and consultant for the gallery, Clifford Schorer who stumbled upon this piece during a bookstore visit in Massachusetts.

The bookstore owner told Schorer that his friend had a 14th century Durer drawing and asked if he would like to see it. Schorer agreed but was very skeptical about the claim as the last time an unknown drawing of “caliber” by the artist was discovered was more than 100 years ago. So, when he arrived to have a look at the drawing a week later, he was taken aback by the quality of it. Schorer joked to the owner that either this was the greatest forgery he had ever seen or a masterpiece.

Schorer spent three years verifying the authenticity of the artwork through deliberation with experts from around the globe. The artwork underwent a technical age analysis and was found to have the hallmark of the artist. After a tedious process of verifying authenticity and valuation, Schorer said the piece could be worth more than $10 million.

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