A culinary celebration of India@75

Any festive celebration is incomplete without relishing some mouth-watering delicacies especially when the occasion is as historic as the completion of India’s 75 years of Independence. And what better way than to serve up a beautiful platter of delectable recipes from around the country in our national colors – Orange, White, Green & Blue.  

Presenting a few recipes you can prepare each time you think of home, each time you wish to celebrate India.   


Coconut Ladoo 

The steps to make coconut ladoo are fairly easy. With few ingredients and a pinch of orange and green food color. You can bring the colors of the national flag home with this recipe. 


  • Ghee- 2- tbsp 

  • Condensed milk- 400- gm 

  • Grated coconut- 2.5- cup 

  • Coconut powder – 1/2- cup 

  • Milk- 4- tbsp 

  • Orange and green food color- 1- pinch 


  • Heat ghee in a pan. Add grated coconut to it. Stir well, until the color changes. 

  • Now to this add condensed milk. Keep mixing until it thickens. 

  • Then add cardamom powder, stir for another few minutes. 

  • Now, divide the mixture into three equal batches, add orange color to one batch, green to another. 

  • With hands make round shape balls to make ladoos, cover them with the coconut powder and place them on a tray. 

  • Refrigerate for few hours or overnight and enjoy. 

Tiranga Halwa 


Here is a treat for every sweet tooth. A delicious homemade halwa prepared in desi ghee for better health along with a delectable taste. All you need is rawa/suji, sugar, khus syrup, orange squash, vanilla essence and some milk. To add the final touch, garnish it with some dry fruits. 

Tricolor Rasgulla 


We all love a sweet, perfectly soft, and spongy rasgulla with the delicious sugar syrup dripping from it. All you need to make this treat at home is some milk, lemon extract, sugar, water, rose essence, and cardamom powder. Once your paneer is ready add some green and orange food color to equal portions of the dough and knead them until the color mixes well. Then make small size balls by rolling them between your palms and then adding them to the sugar syrup while it is still hot. Wait till they are down to room temperature before refrigerating and serving them chilled. 

Tiranga Lassi 


Lassi or buttermilk, regardless of what you decide to call it, is one thing that can refresh your mind, body, and soul. All the things you need to make a tiranga lassi are kesar syrup, curd, khus syrup, elaichi powder, sugar and some pistachios to garnish it. Once it’s done, there you have fresh lassi ready to be served. 

Tiranga Pulao 


Every Indian household loves pulao.  


  • Rice: 250 gms 

  • Ghee: 50 gms 

  • Butter: 100 gms 

  • Spinach paste 1/2 cup 

  • Kesar soaked in 1/2 cup milk 

  • Few cashew nuts and raisins 

  • 2-3 each of whole bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom 

  • Pinch of sugar 

  • Salt to taste 


  • Soak the rice for 10 minutes. Par boil the rice with bay leaf and salt. 

  • Now heat the frying pan, add ghee then add the bay leaf, whole cloves, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom. Then add the cashew nuts and raisins and saute. 

  • Next add the par boiled rice and divide it into three parts. 

  • The first part will be white and the second part will be sauteed with spinach, the rest will be sauteed with soaked kaiser. 

  • Then arrange the three parts and spread butter. 

  • Now this Tiranga pulao is ready to be served. 


Tiranga Parathas  


Most of you like to start your day by eating parathas for a fuller meal to keep you energetic throughout the day. Tiranga Paratha is another great patriotic snack that can be made using flour, palak(spinach) puree for the green color, and carrot puree for the saffron. And tasty parathas ready to be served hot. 

Tricolor Idli 


If you’re in the mood for some South Indian dish, idli is certainly the best option. Add some grated carrot in the batter for saffron and some blanched spinach gravy for the color green. Grease the steamer plate with butter and pour each batter (i.e orange, green, and white) in a steamer separately and make Tricolor idli! 

Tiranga Dhokla 


Tiranga Dhokla is a great patriotic snack made using suji/sooji/rava, palak puree and carrots. It is perfect, instant, spongy, easy to make and you can enjoy it with your family all day. 

(Source: betterbutter.in)

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