A new project galvanizes Indian American voters in swing states

Philadelphia, PA: Desis United, a new crowd-sourced, volunteer-led initiative dedicated to defeating Donald Trump and housed under the New American Voices Political Action Committee, has announced last week that it is running ads on Indian-American news and entertainment television networks as well as print and digital media properties.

The mission of Desis United is to activate the swing voter demographic of Indian Americans through advertising that educates and galvanizes them to use their political voices.  This is done by using sharp, culturally relevant messaging to get Indian Americans to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket, which better reflects their interests and values, and elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

Indian American registered voters now exceed 1.8 million nationally, with heavy concentrations of voters in battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Texas. In some of those states, the population of Indian Americans has increased significantly since 2016.

Desis United has already begun to air its ads, “Whose Side Are You On,” and “Joe Biden and India: The Possibilities for our Future” produced by filmmaker and co-founder Ankush Jindal, on Willow TV during the network’s broadcast of IPL cricket matches. They have also purchased advertising on Sony TV’s properties, watched by tens of thousands of Indians in the United States, as well as print ads in Indian American magazines in Georgia and North Carolina.

While criticizing  ‘Trump’s lies and disastrous policies’, the ads also demonstrate how Vice President Biden will be a responsible steward of the economy, foreign affairs, including the U.S. relationship with India, and national stability.

In addition, Desis United is educating Indian Americans about the life story of Senator Harris, who, if elected Vice President, will be the highest-ranking person of Indian origin ever to serve in this nation’s history.

“We believe Desis United is a crucial and necessary intervention to support the effort to defeat Trump and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” said Desis United co-founder Sundeep Dhiman. “We are excited to deliver persuasive and provocative messaging to members of our community in a way that has never been done before—and that was, unfortunately, not done four years ago. Indian Americans may well be critical swing voters, with hundreds of thousands of the community living in key battleground states.”

A volunteer advisory board composed of lawyers, content creators, marketing professionals, and small business owners is guiding Desis United.

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