A Plea to President Xi Jinping
Honorable President Xi Jinping,

As a member of the 7.9 billion world population, I humbly appeal to you to immediately help stop the tragic and dangerous war and aggression started in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin.

I am a great admirer of China and Chinese people.

This is the 2,566th anniversary of the birth of Confucius, the greatest Chinese philosopher and statesman, whose moral, ethical, and social values are followed and practiced to this day.  Confucius taught empathy, kindness, truthfulness, and political philosophy in China that is now followed worldwide.

As President and world leader you help maintain stability and peace. Like the rest of the world, you must be worried about the atrocities, death, and bloodshed caused by Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.  It is bringing the world so close to world war and nuclear catastrophe.

You are uniquely positioned to stop this war. In the whole world, you are the only person who can call Putin and simply state: “Mr. Putin, stop this insane and unjust war today, now.  If you don’t, I will impose the sanctions already set in place by America, Europe, Canada, and most of the world.” That will be the end for Russia because of the strength that you have built for China.

Putin will come back begging you that he will stop the war and maintain a good relationship with you. Unlike you, he didn’t build up prosperity in his country.  He needs your business for oil and energy. Without your help, he is done.

President Xi, if you implement this and stop the insane war, you will be proud and happy that you saved the world from calamity.

The world will adore you and it will be a place of peace, prosperity, and joy because of you.

Xiè xiè, Honorable President Xi

Dev Ratnam

Oyster Bay, New York

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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