A town in Italy offers 30,000 euros to move there

In an effort to turn their fortunes around, a number of small Italian towns are developing alluring plans to ask people to move there. In a similar manner, Presicce, a town in the sunny region of Puglia, Italy, has come up with an offer to lure people from across the globe. According to the officials, they will pay people 30,000 euros to buy an empty accommodation and take up residency, as per a report in CNN.

Alfredo Palese, local Presicce councilor, told the outlet, “There are many empty homes in the historical center built before 1991 which we would like to see alive again with new residents.”

Palese said that it’s sad to witness “old districts full of history, wonderful architecture and art” slowly being vacated. The monetary incentive is intended to entice potential residents to move to the town, which has been experiencing a decline in the birth rate.

Despite the fact that the deal’s specifics are still being worked out, the councilor claimed that the authorities plan to start accepting applications in the coming weeks and that anyone interested can find all the necessary details on the town hall website. “We will be offering up to 30,000 euros to people willing to move here and buy one of these abandoned dwellings,” he continued telling the outlet. “The total funding will be split in two: it will go partly into buying an old home and partly into restyling it if needed.” 

Palese claims that a 2019 merger with a neighboring municipality to become the larger Presicce-Acquarica town has left them with extra money to ensure the project can continue for years to come.

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