AAPI/CAPI CT organizes blood donation drive at Middletown Temple

The Connecticut Chapter of The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (CAPI) in partnership with the local American Red Cross, Middle Town Hindu Temple and the national American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) organized a Blood Donation Drive at the Middletown Hindu Temple on April 30th. 

Led by Dr. Sushil Gupta President of CAPI, the 2nd blood donation drive by CAPI in the past few months has been inspired by the call of Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, President of national AAPI, who is leading AAPI in its efforts to host a Blood Donation Drive in as many as 75 cities across the United States, to commemorate India’s 75 years of Independence. 

 “In line with the national AAPI’s motto, we at CAPI are happy to join in several other AAPI Chapters and lead this noble initiative to donate blood with the objective of saving lives around the nation,” said Dr. Sushil Gupta, President of CAPI. “We plan to organize future blood drives in other parts of Connecticut in the near future.” 

“It is a spot exemplar as a ‘team work’ dedicated to the social welfare and happiness of the community,” said Dr. Jaya Daptardar, an organizer of the event and had donated blood during the highly successful event. “The Blood Drive, while honoring India on her 75th year of Independence, has been dedicated to the Fallen Heroes, who have sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others infected with the deadly Covid pandemic,” Dr. Jaya Daptardar added.

Drs. Sushil Gupta, Jaya Daptardar and Prasad Sureddy, in addition to coordinating the efforts and organizing the successful Blood Drive, also donated blood during the drive. 

Each blood component of a whole blood transfusion can help up to three different people pointing to the fact that blood cannot be manufactured despite medical and technological advances. “The only way we can give blood to those who need it is through donation. It doesn’t cost us anything to donate but your donation saves lives. Blood is needed every two seconds,” said Dr. Meher Medavaram, Chair of AAPI’s national blood donation drive.  

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