AAPI members elect new leadership for 2023-24 and beyond

Chicago, IL: “Congratulations and best wishes to the new team of AAPI leadership, who have been elected to lead AAPI in the coming years,” Dr. Ravi Kolli, President of AAPI, and Chief Election Officer Dr. Kusum Punjabi and Past BOT Chair of AAPI, jointly announced.

While thanking the tens of thousands of Indian American physicians, who are active members of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), and the record number of large number voters who participated in the election process, Dr. Kolli said, “We have successfully concluded our elections for the year 2023-24 for AAPI leadership positions. We want to thank AAPI members who enthusiastically participated in the AAPI’s electronic voting process and have elected a new, diverse, balanced, and experienced team to lead AAPI, the largest ethnic medical organization in the United States in the coming year and beyond.”

Dr. Kusum Punjabi, Chief Election Officer – 2023, who along with the election committee conducted the elections and counting process in the virtual presence of all the candidates and their representatives communicated the results of the election to the AAPI president to be released to all the members of AAPI and noted that  Dr. Amit Chakrabarty has been elected as the Vice President of AAPI, Dr. Sumul Raval was elected as the Secretary, and  Dr. Sreeni Gangasani was elected Treasurer of AAPI for the year 2023-24.

Dr. Syamala Erramilli, Dr. Hetal Gor, and Dr. Mahendra Maheshwari have been elected to the AAPI’s Board of Trustees for a three-year term. Dr. Vijay Gunuganti has been elected as the South West Central Regional Director of AAPI, and Dr. Anuradha Mann will be the new Regional Director of AAPI’s South East Central Region. 

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