AAPI Victory Alliance launches Texas chapter

AAPI Victory Alliance announced the launch of Rise AAPI, a Texas-based and Texas-led AAPI 501(c)(4) organization. This launch is part of an ongoing commitment to invest in the building blocks of AAPI political infrastructure in Texas and other key swing states. Texas represents one of the largest electoral prizes in the national battleground map, yet there has been a lack of strong progressive year-round organizing infrastructure in the state when it comes to mobilizing the AAPI community. 

Currently, Texas represents the 3rd largest battleground state for AAPIs in the U.S. AAPI voters in Texas have grown 137% since 2000 and continue to be one of the fastest-growing populations in the South and Sunbelt states. “Now is the time to mobilize and strengthen pan-Asian American civic engagement in Texas, one of the fastest-growing AAPI populations. Texas has the ability to change the trajectory of our national politics—but only if investments are made now,” the organization said in a press release.

Rise AAPI Executive Director Nabila Mansoor issued the following statement: “I am honored and excited to be working with a group of enthusiastic and fervent supporters and leaders in building local and national AAPI political power across Texas. With the help of our friends at AAPI Victory Alliance, we are excited to announce Rise AAPI, a Texas-based and Texas-led AAPI 501(c)(4) organization. Rise AAPI is focused on building voter engagement year-round and increasing AAPI civic engagement and voter turnout.”

“We are still reeling from the tragic events of another mass shooting in our home state. Our communities have faced too much violence in the past few years. We must demand more of our elected officials. I am committed to growing Rise AAPI in Texas to ensure our communities are politically engaged, and working to harness this power to prevent gun violence in Texas – a critical swing state.”

Rise AAPI Board Chair and Philanthropic Consultant Rogene Calvert said, “As a board member for Rise AAPI, I hope to use my decades-long experience working with non-profit organizations to build momentum for AAPI communities in Texas. Rise AAPI will be run locally and with AAPI activist talent. It will operate independently of any local or national organization with the focus of building long-term trust and engagement through consistent and constant constituent and voter contact.” 

“I am excited to be working with a dedicated team, who are committed to building local AAPI political power across the country by creating and advocating for policies that affect our communities.”

AAPI Victory Alliance Executive Director Varun Nikore said, “While organizers have been hard at work on the ground, Texas has long been in need of a strong political infrastructure for AAPI voters. Consistent and year-round outreach and engagement on issues that AAPIs care deeply about like gun violence, climate change and small business issues continues to be an unmet need for AAPI communities and with the launch of Rise AAPI, that’s exactly what AAPI Victory Alliance aims to achieve.”

 “We are committed to AAPI voter engagement because we believe AAPI voters can be the margin of victory in future Texas elections. We’ve long needed to reflect the rapid growth of the AAPI electorate, and so we are thrilled to launch Rise AAPI.”


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