‘Aarya 2’ review: Sushmita enthralls with her performance

Kahnewale kuch bi kahenge, I’m just a working mother”. This dialogue with police officer Yunis Khan (Vikas Kumar), in the last episode of the second season of ‘Aarya’, encapsulates the mindset of Aarya Sareen (Sushmita Sen), who is no stranger to the criminal underworld due to her family’s connections.

So lucid is the narrative that those who have not seen season one of the series will not have any difficulty following the thread of events in season two.

This eight-episode series begins from where it left in season 1.

After Aarya’s husband Tej Sareen, a reluctant crime syndicate operator was murdered for stealing drugs worth 300 crore from Udayveer Shekhawat (Akash Khurana), which belonged to the Russian Mafia, her father Zorawar Rathod (Jayant Kripalani) and brother Sangram (Ankur Bhatia) are accused of his murder.

How Aarya struggles to balance raising her three children, keeping the police investigation at bay, and is invariably sucked into the sticky web of dodgy deals, violent threats, and double-crosses forms the crux of this narrative.

So innocuous is Aarya’s approach to her tumultuous life that it makes the series appealing. There are a few moments in the series, especially events in episodes four and eight, dealing with the weaknesses of the characters that appear trite, formulaic, and forced.

But overall, the script ignites your interest with enough sympathy and an equal amount of intrigue and brilliance. The best of which- springs in episode six, where the tormented mother in desperation leaps like a ferocious tigress.

Season two of ‘Aarya’ is once again Sushmita Sen’s canvas. And she shines as a mother bonding with her three children, a disgruntled daughter who dislikes her father, and a concerned sister, friend, and confidant. Sushmita delivers her part earnestly, thus making Aarya a believable character.

She is aptly supported by a group of ace actors who slip into their characters with natural grace. Among the casts are; Viren Vazirani, Virti Vaghani, and Pratyaksh Panwar, who portray Aarya’s Children Veer, Arundhati, and Aditya. Sikandar Kher plays Zorawar Rathod’s loyalist and Aarya’s well-wisher. Dilnaz Irani plays the Public Prosecutor.

Apart from the acting, it is the production values, inclusive of the locales and the cinematography of the series, that are worth a mention. But moreover, it is the usage of the peppy, old Hindi film songs used as background score that brings a familiarity to the telling and elevates the viewing experience. (Troy Ribeiro, IANS)

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