Abbott threatens to declare an ‘Invasion’ as migrant numbers climb

San Antonio: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is openly musing about declaring Texas under “invasion” in what would be a radical, legally dubious attempt to address the state’s migrant crisis.

The plan would involve invoking war powers and allowing state police to begin rounding up migrants and asylum-seekers and then dispatching them over the border into Mexico—at a moment when federal authorities are bracing for the number of migrant crossings to potentially triple this summer.

Constitutional experts say this loopy “invasion” scheme has little chance of surviving the legal challenge that would, in all likelihood, be launched instantaneously by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

But that hasn’t stopped Abbott from publicly insisting that he’s exploring the idea in depth. Doing so would allow Abbott to assume powers that are normally reserved for the federal government. Abbott said, “So, is it something we’re looking into? Yes. You know me well enough that you know I will look at every legal issue about a policy before we undertake action on that issue.”

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