Acharya Lokeshji presented Jain prayer at the inauguration ceremony of the New Parliament Building

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated a new chapter in the history of India by inaugurating the new Parliament House and establishing the holy “Sengol” in the presence of eminent religious leaders of various religions and members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.  During the Sarvdharma prayer organized on this occasion, Acharya Lokeshji on behalf of Jainism mesmerized everyone by presenting Navkar Mantra, Mangal Path, Lord Mahavir’s Arsh Vani and by giving a message of non-violence and peace. On this occasion, Speaker of Lok Sabha Shri Om Birla Vice President of Rajya Sabha, Members of the Union Cabinet and Members of Parliament were also present. 

Eminent Jainacharya Dr. Lokeshji told the Parliament that I am feeling proud by attending the Inauguration Ceremony of the “New Parliament House ”, the holy temple of the Republic. On this occasion, he recited sutras based on Namaskar MahamantraMangal Paatha and the Ahimsa, Anekanta and Aparigrah principles of Lord Mahavira. Acharya Lokeshji presented the words of Lord Mahavira. On this occasion, Acharya Lokeshji congratulated Prime Minister Modi on behalf of Shwetambar, Digambar and entire Jain community for setting up Dharma DandRaj Dand in the new Parliament House.

On this occasion Jainism Prayer, Buddhist Prayer, Christian Prayer, Zoroastrian Prayer, Baha’I Judaism Prayer, message from Bhagwat Gita, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, Shabad Kirtan was recited by interfaith leaders.

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