Actor Danny DeVito is the latest to praise ‘RRR’

Hollywood veteran Danny DeVito is the latest star to praise SS Rajamouli’s epic Telugu hit, ‘RRR’. In a recent interview, Danny talked about his love for Bollywood, unaware that Bollywood is different from Telugu cinema.

Danny is just the latest overseas star to praise the movie. Previously, multiple filmmakers from Hollywood have showered their love on the film, the latest being directors Edgar Wright and Joe and Anthony Russo.

Speaking to India Today about the film and his own upcoming show Little Demon, he said, “Oh, I love Bollywood big time. In fact, as a matter of fact, a few days back, I watched RRR and another one R… Rajkumar, it was really good! I think if I had my way next season or whenever I could talk everybody into it, we should definitely bust into a big number.”

Danny added, “It will be amazing to see people in the realms doing the moves. But also, what I love about Bollywood is it keeps the story intact. If it’s a love story, then the two romantic leads will be seen going at it. Like in RRR, it’s about the battles between everybody but they keep up the story even in the singing. And I love that aspect of it. I think it’s great.”

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