Actress Rupali Ganguly makes it to PM Modi’s page for Diwali campaign

Actors Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna featured in a Diwali campaign which Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared on his social media account. The actors were overjoyed to feature in the video and shared the excitement with their fans. Netizens also outpoured their love on the video by seeing two of their favorite actors.

The Diwali campaign video uploaded on Narendra Modi’s official social media handle shows Rupali Ganguly inside the kitchen preparing sweets for the Festival of Lights. She shares that in today’s social media age, everyone is a storyteller, and how she would want to promote the people in her lives on social media. Then she goes around supervising Diwali decorations and takes pictures to upload them on social media to promote the businesses.

The video also shows Gaurav Khanna dressed in traditional attire. As Rupali Ganguly compliments him, he shares where he got the kurta from and they take a selfie to promote the tailors of their outfits. Toward the end of the video, the message urges everyone to celebrate Diwali by shopping locally. At the end of the video, a message shows, “Thankful to team Anupamaa and Star Plus for helping spread the message of Vocal for Local.”

Rupali could not hold her excitement and wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Jai Bharat. NaMo NaMo  #VocalForLocal  So so so proud. mera actor banna sarthak ho gaya”.

Image courtesy of X/Twitter

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