Afghanistan: HinduPACT & SAHAS demand global intervention for protection of Hindus and Sikhs

HinduPACT and the Global Federation of Societies of Afghan-Hindus and Sikhs (SAHAS) together have strongly condemned the terrorist attack targeting Sikh and Hindus in Kart-e-Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan.  

In a press statement it said:  

The Global Federation of Societies of Afghan-Hindus and Sikhs (SAHAS), strongly condemns the terrorist attack on our main Gurudwara (House of Worship) in Kart-e-Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan. In the attack, two people were martyred and seven more injured. The house of worship was under crossfire for over 3 hours and the attackers used multiple bombs (including a car bomb) to attack and seriously damage the premises. 

We speak out clearly and forcefully about the continued attacks committed against the Afghan-Hindus and Sikhs, a religious minority of Afghanistan over the last so many centuries. We have faced frequent and sustained terrorist attacks by the Islamic radical factions embedded in Afghan society. In addition to such terrorist attacks, there have been countless incidents of physical and verbal assaults against our community and their properties. Our Temples and Gurudwaras are regularly targeted, vandalized and desecrated with violence, abuse and disrespect. These tactics by the radical Islamic groups are being used in a systematic way to drive the religious minority of Afghan-Hindus and Sikhs out of Afghanistan (slow genocide) and usurp their properties and places of worship. The situation has deteriorated so much that only 100+ people of Afghan-Hindu and Sikh communities are left in Afghanistan; now on the verge of elimination. 

We emphasize, to all the UN members, the need to continue to put increased pressure on the current interim Taliban government to investigate such violent incidents, prosecute perpetrators, and provide greater protections for Afghan-Hindus and Sikhs and their places of worship, schools, and cremation grounds. 

 The following is a list of international Afghan and Hindu organizations: 


80 East Barclay Street, Hicksville, New York 11801 – U.S.A. 

Website:; Email: [email protected]; Phone: +1-212-340-8000 

 Global Member Organizations of SAHAS: 

Shri AsaMai Mandir 

Aasamai Wat 

Dharamsal Johisheer (Asamai) 

Kabul, Afghanistan 

+93-70 606 3236 


Afghan Hindu Association, Inc. 

Shri AsaMai Hindu Temple 

80 East Barclay Street 

Hicksville, NY 11801, U.S.A. 



AsaMai Hindu Temple of Washington 


230 Awkard Land 

Silver Spring, MD 20905, U.S.A. 



Afghan Hindu Kulturverein e.v* 

AsaMai Hindu Temple Frankfurt 

Salzschlirfer Str. 12 60386 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

+49 1715417050 


Culturele Stichting van Afghaanse 

Hindoes in The Netherlands* 

ZaandamHeljermansstraat 129 

1502DJ Zaandam 

North Holland, Netherlands 

+31 6 410 14 035 


AsaMai Mandir Belgium VZW* 

Oudenaardsesteen weg 265 

8500 Kortjik 


+32 48 41 66 144 


AsaMai Cultural Trust 

144 Johnson Street 

South Hall UB2 5FD, UK 



AsaMai Charitable Trust 

614-617 Sector 17 

Faridabad, Haryana 121002. India 

+91-98103-4 5649 


Afghan Hindu Kultur Verein e.V 

Sanatam Hari Om Temple 

Circus-Roncalli – Weg 11 

51063 Köln, Germany 

+49 221 3404484 


Afghanische Hindus Gemeinde in 

Köln, e.V.* 

Hari Om Hindu Temple 

Wikinger strase 62 

51107 Köln, Germany 

+49 221 8300009 


Hari Om Hindu Temple* 


36179 Kassel Debra 




Afghan Hindu/Sikh Verein Baden- 

Wurttemberg e.V.* 


Afghan Sikh Gurdwara 

Beim Herzogenberg 31 

70329 Stuttgart, Germany 


Hindu Tempel und Afghanischer 

Hindus Gemeinde e.V.* 

Billstraße 77 

20539 Hamburg, Germany 

+49-40-780 792 92 


Gurdwara Singh Sabha 

Karte Parwan 

Kabul, Afghanistan 

+93-70 606 3236 


Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar 

(Afghan Sikh Community Center) 

11 Broadway 

Hicksville, NY 11801, U.S.A. 



Gurudwara Guru Nanak Niwas 

Brennerstr 27 

20099 Hamburg, Germany 



Hindu Sikh Kulturverein e.V.* 

Gurudwara Guru Nanak Niwas 

Borsigallee 6 60388 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

+49 178 5920391 


Gurudwara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib 

Bisschoppenhoflaan 638 

2100 Antwerpen 


+32 499 92 27 24 


Gurdwara Nanak Darbar 

Afghan Ekta Cultural Religious 

Community Center 

66-75 King Street 

South Hall, United Kingdom 


*Represented by Zentralrat der afghanischer Hindus und Sikhs e.V, Salzschlirfer str 12, 60386 Frankfurt, Germany 


Image courtesy of thesatimes

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