Afghanistan lets 10 Chinese spies fly back home

Kabul: Days after exposing China’s intelligence network operating in Afghanistan for at least six months, Kabul has allowed the 10 Chinese spies to leave the country.

On December 29, it was reported that the Afghan forces have exposed the Chinese intelligence network under which the spies were in contact with the Haqqani network and Afghan Taliban.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) officials, in mid-December, carried out a major operation in Kabul, leading to the detention of around 10 Chinese intelligence agents.

Hindustan Times reported that Afghanistan’s pardon was given on the condition that Beijing render an apology for sending the nationals, including at least one woman, likely associated with China’s spy agency, Ministry of State Security.

No info regarding the terms of the release of the 10 Chinese spies is known as yet.

Li Yanyang was one of the Chinese intelligence officers arrested by the NDS. He was taken into custody on December 10 from his Kabul office. Afghan forces had found ammunition, weapons, and explosives from his possession.

The NDS officers had also held another Chinese agent Sha Hong, and recovered drugs and explosives at his residence.

Besides Li Yanyang and Sha Hoon, Afghan counterintelligence officers arrested seven more Chinese intelligence agents (one of them was later found out to be a Thai citizen).

The report suggested that the Chinese spies often met field commanders of various Taliban factions, and recruited sources of information among the Taliban and also reportedly among al Qaeda terrorists.

One of the key tasks of the group was to gather intel about Uyghurs, who fled from China and entered into Afghanistan and neighboring countries. (TIMES NOW)

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