After Leicester, violent protest outside Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick

Unruly protesters on Tuesday evening launched a violent demonstration outside the Durga Bhawan temple in the UK’s Smethwick. The protest outside the temple sparked fears of Leicester-like violence in the Midlands region, with the local Hindu community concerned regarding their safety, CNN-News18 reported. 

The protest outside the Durga Bhawan temple was violent in nature as bottles were hurled toward the temple premises. The unruly demonstrators also hurled threats and abuses toward the temple officials while chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’. 

The members of the unruly mob also burnt crackers and threw them inside the temple. 

Police pulled back one violent demonstrator who tried to scale the temple fence and enter the temple. 

They were protesting against a visit by Sadhvi Ritambhara, the founder of Param Shakti Peeth and Vatsalyagram. 

According to CNN-News18, a member of the temple pleaded to the unruly protesters urging them to restore peace but to no avail. Later, police forces intervened to restore calm and send the unruly protesters back. 

The unruly group of protesters also said that they will not allow visits by Hindu leaders anywhere in the UK and threatened that copycat protests will be carried out in front of other temples in the UK. 

Henry Jackson Society writer and commentator Wasiq Wasiq who has previously publicly denounced acts of antisemitism and attacks on Hindus by Muslims shared a series of videos on Twitter that showed hundreds from the unruly mob marching towards the Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick. 

The protests were similar in nature to those seen in Leicester over the course of the past two weeks where a flag outside a temple was brought down by a member of an unruly mob. 

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