After Rosogolla, GI tags for Bengal’s Sarbhaja and Sarpuria soon

After the syrupy white rosogolla, West Bengal has got another sweet deal as the famous sarbhaja and sarpuria will soon be awarded geographical indication (GI) tags. GI is a sign used on products that have a particular geographical root and have qualities or a reputation due to that origin. The tags are issued as per the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act,1999.

The West Bengal government had applied for GI badges for sarbhaja and sarpuria from Krishnanagar in Nadia district about four years ago, as per media reports. The administration had to prove that the two were original, genuine and unique sweets of Bengal. While sarbhaja is a soft sweet sandwiched between thick layers of smoked sar (milk skin or lactoderm), sarpuria has a creamy texture with a subtle sweetness.

According to sweet aficionados, the relationship of sarbhaja and sarpuria with Bengal is a long one. Some say the two items have been made in the state for about 500 years. However, according to others, these sweets were first prepared here about 150 years ago by a man named Adhar Das. The sweet traders’ association of Krishnanagar, in collaboration with the state government, had applied for the GI badge. They also produced evidence that the sweets were mentioned in ancient scriptures.

Sources say the two confections have cleared all the tests to earn the GI tags and the good news may come for Bengal’s sweet lovers before this year’s Durga Puja, which is in October. West Bengal’s confections like sitabhog and mihidana from Burdwan and Joynagar Moa have also got GI badges.

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