AIA lauds Biden-Modi 21st-century partnership

Several current and former community leaders from the Association of Indians in America (AIA) participated in events welcoming Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, during his visit to United States. “A rare honor afforded to a visiting head of state of any country, Prime Minister Modi received a red-carpet welcome from President Joe Biden, members of the United States Congress and countless Americans of Indian origin,” said Gobind Munjal, National President of AIA. “We are delighted AIA was front and center in welcoming Mr. Modi.” 
In keeping with AIA’s motto of pride in “Indian Heritage and American Commitment,” several members of AIA – National, New York Chapter, and New Jersey chapters participated in the Yoga retreat at United Nations which was led by the prime minister. 

Additionally, Gopal Khanna, former Vice President of AIA – National, along with his wife Anjali, a lifelong community worker, were at hand to welcome Prime Minister Modi in Washington, DC. “We were honored to be invited to attend the Joint Session of the Congress,” said Khanna who has served in the administration of two governors and two presidents, most recently as the Director of the Agency of Healthcare and Research for President Donald Trump. “A rare display of bipartisan support and heartfelt welcome afforded to PM Modi was evident on the floor of U.S. Congress. The prime minister’s message of AI – America and India partnership defining the new world order in the 21st century was appreciated with a standing ovation.” 
“AIA organized the first ever trade delegation to India in 1979 to further U.S.- India ties. Relationship of our two counties have come a long way,” said Munjal. Khanna added, “I can see huge possibilities ahead, particularly in scaling business, technology and defense alliance. Of course, a lot will depend upon defining and crystalizing compelling strategic interests between the two nations. President Biden and Prime Minister Modi have set the course for building trust, investments and people-to-people exchange.”  

Also, AIA Illinois Chapter President Hina Trivedi had the honor of meeting with prime minister Modi in Washington DC. 

Earlier last month, AIA celebrated 75th anniversary of India’s independence and the building of the nation’s democratic institutions. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and New York City Mayor Eric Adams joined prominent members of the Indian-American community at the Honor Banquet hosted by AIA on May 6th at the Terrace on the Park in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, NY. 

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