AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria co-authors book on India’s fight against Covid

New Delhi: A new book by AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria and two other doctors will give a definitive account of India’s fight against COVID-19 and how to deal with the pandemic in the days to come, announced publishing house Penguin Random House India on Monday.

The book, titled Till We Win, has been co-written by leading public policy and health systems expert Chandrakant Lahariya and renowned vaccine researcher and virologist Gagandeep Kang. It will hit the stands late this month, they added.

“There has been talk of a pandemic for many years. Yet, we never really thought it would cause so much disruption till COVID-19 hit our country. ‘Till We Win’ is a story of how no country was fully prepared for a pandemic of the nature of COVID-19, yet India pulled together despite all odds, and is continuing to successfully tackle the pandemic,” Guleria said.

The book deals with the “realization of inner strength and unity” amongst people of all walks of life in a country known for its cultural and linguistic diversity, he added.

Described as a “book of hope”, it shows how India has continued to persevere in her fight against this deadly virus. It also answers essential questions, like “How long will we have to go on wearing masks?”, “Will we need to wear a mask even after we get a vaccine?” or “What if there is no effective treatment against COVID-19?”.

“The book delves into how learnings from COVID-19 pandemic can be used to strengthen Indian health system, for better, forever. It is up to all of us to convert the challenge posed by pandemic as an opportunity to strengthen health systems,” said Lahariya.

“Dr Randeep Guleria, Dr Gagandeep Kang and Dr Chandrakant Lahariya are the most authoritative figures to talk about how we, as a nation, fought and continue to fight against the novel virus. In the book, they have offered a clear roadmap for future. The book will work as a useful guide for general readers,” said Premanka Goswami, executive editor, Penguin Random House India.

AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria said ‘Till We Win’ deals with the “realization of inner strength and unity” amongst Indians of all walks of life in a country known for its cultural and linguistic diversity.

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