Amb. Sandhu meets members of WUGNF

Suggests Embassy-Gurdwaras partnership to facilitate services for Punjabi Diaspora  

By Surekha Vijh 

Washington DC: Members of the World United Guru Nanak Foundation (WUGNF) USA met on July 22 with the Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu here. The members were part of the group which had met PM Modi at his residence in New Delhi on the occasion of Sadh Bhavana Divas and celebration of Guru Teg Bahadur’s 400th birth centenary.
The delegation expressed their deep appreciation for the phenomenal work being done by Ambassador Sandhu in promoting US-India relations.  

Members of the WUGNF included its President, Gurcharan Singh, former executive from the World Bank, General Secretary Dr.Surinder Gill and Chairman Amar Malhi.

On this occasion, Ambassador Sandhu also welcomed an Indian visiting industrialist Amarjit Singh from Delhi, who looked to increase exports from India to the US. Ambassador assured all possible support from Embassy for increasing trade between the two countries.

Ambassador Sandhu expressed the importance of education and knowledge partnership in India-US bilateral relations and recalled the work done by great Sikh leaders in promoting education in India.  

He further said that he looked forward to India Diaspora youth being connected to their roots and culture.  

Ambassador said the embassy will provide all possible support for their travel and safe stay in India, while they visit historic and religious places like the Golden Temple, and also visit such places as Hyderabad and Bangalore, where diaspora youth can learn about the Indian success stories like the IT sector. This will open their eyes and expose them to the reality of the negative propaganda being done by those handful of anti-India elements who are supported by inimical forces.
Ambassador Sandhu also suggested that Gurdwaras could work in coordination with the embassy to provide help in consular services like filling up the application forms and understanding the rules, regulations and procedures. Since many people who come from Punjab have difficulty filling up the forms and understanding the language and other basic things required in the new country, such a service in the true spirit of Sikh tradition would be of great help for diaspora. Gurdwaras can have computers and office space to help all, especially the new immigrants, while they partake in seva (service)  and langar (community meals).
Dr Surinder Singh committed to help in these initiatives. He expressed his staunch loyalty for serving India and Indian diaspora and exposing the inimical forces targeting India. 

Recalling their meeting with PM Modi, Gurcharan Singh said, that PM Modi had called the Sikh tradition a living example of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ and that the Sikh community has become synonymous with the national spirit of courage, prowess and diligence. Prime Minister had recalled his association with the community and how visiting gurdwaras, taking part in langar and living with Sikhs has been part of his life journey. PM had said that the Sikh Gurus spent their entire lives uniting the nation and left their imprints all over India, from Gujarat to Bihar, Singh added. 

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