Ambassador Sandhu delivers King-Gandhi lecture at Howard University

Washington, DC: In a lecture to the students of Howard University, the Indian Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu spoke about the India-US relationship. He said, “The threads that connect India and the United States run deep and strong.” 

He reiterated the importance of the values of democracy, non-violence, liberty, and rule of law for both countries and for their common relationship. Both the nations are striving hard to make their citizens’ lives better and brighter, he said. 

In the lecture, “King Gandhi”, the Indian envoy said that India and the US are similar because both of their constitutions start with “we the people”. “We shared and shaped each other’s vision,” he said. 

He recalled how many Indian leaders even before the country gained its Independence attended the prestigious universities of America, like Howard.  

Sandhu spoke about how Martin Luther King Jr. had once delivered a lecture on Gandhi at Howard. In his address he paid homage to both these great leaders. “If you ask me, what is the most significant contribution of Gandhi ji and MLK, I would say: They showed to the world that mankind can shape its own destiny, no matter how high the odds are, no matter how huge the challenges are, no matter how adverse the circumstances are. It is a very powerful message and gives unflinching hope to humanity at large.” 

The Ambassador also spoke about Gandhi’s and Martin Luther’s common connection Dr William Stuart Nelson who established the Gandhi Memorial Lecture at the Black University. “He had walked with both in protest marches,” Sandhu added. 

He also noted the role of Howard in America’s rich history. 

“The pandemic has once again brought us together,” he said, it has “taught us how interconnected we are, how intertwined our lives are. World is one is not just a hashtag, but a reality today. Our future will depend on how we treat each other, and work with each other today.” 

He further explained how the two – the American University and India are deeply connected. How both the Indian and African American community have engaged with each other. He reiterated the embassy’s efforts to get into a conversation with Black students at the University.  

The Ambassador also acknowledged the respect that Black Americans have shown towards Mahatma Gandhi and Indian culture. He cited Mordecai Johnson, former president of the University and his efforts to make students walk Gandhi’s path and teachings. 

“Howard University is holding a year of celebration of India in 2021-22. Several initiatives, including the Art of Kolam; visit of students to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial and interaction with the Embassy of India have been undertaken and others are in the pipeline,” the PTI reported.  

Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu spoke on India-US relations and interacted with students

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