American Celebrities who follow Hinduism

Hinduism is the third largest and the oldest of all religions globally around 1 billion people following the religion. For them, Hinduism is considered not only the oldest religion but also the way of life they follow regularly.

The culture has attracted many people worldwide. The teachings of Hinduism have attracted them worldwide. Some celebrities like famous Beatle members, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg visited India around spirituality.

Also, many hollywood stars have followed Hinduism after learning about the culture. Some notable Americans on the list were not born Hindu but followed Hinduism. Let’s take a look at those Americans who became Hindus.

Kelli Williams

Kelli Renee Williams is a famous American actress. She is known for playing some of the best roles, like Lindsay Dole on the legal drama The Practice, psychologist, and many of the characters like expert Dr. Gillian Foster on Lie to Me and Jackie Clark on ‘Army Wives.

The actress liked Hinduism’s teachings and was converted to the religion when she married her husband, Ajay Sahgal, in 1996.

Julia Roberts

Julia Fiona Roberts, who had been practicing Christianity, has converted to Hinduism. Julian Roberts is a Popular American actress and also a producer. She carved out a reputation for herself in the film industry as a leading lady in the Hollywood industry after starring in the best romantic comedy film Pretty Woman, which grossed $464 million worldwide.

Krishna Das


Krishna Das is known as the “chant master of American Yoga.” He feels Yoga is the best Medicine for all diseases. Krishna followed Christianity before converting to Hindu. Das was an American vocalist known for his performances of Hindu devotional music kirtan, where he would conduct music shows and perform music activities.

He has released 17 albums so far since 1996. He also performed at the 2013 Grammy Awards, and he got many more opportunities to perform his album ‘Live Ananda’ . He was also nominated for the 2013 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album.

Alfred Ford

Alfred Ford is also known by his other name Ambarish Das after converting to Hinduism. How many of us know? Many of us don’t know that he is the heir to the Ford family fortune and is from a well-versed foreign culture.

Alfred is the great-grandson of legendary business magnate Henry Ford – the founder of the Ford Motor Company. After understanding the culture and following Hinduism, he changed to Hinduism.

Geoffrey Giuliano

Geoffrey Giuliano is an American author, radio personality, and film actor. Geoffrey is very much known for his biographies of the Beatles members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and the musician Pete Townshend.

In 1997, after following Hinduism, he changed his legal name to “Jagannatha Dasa.”

Sylvester Stallone


The movie ‘Rambo’ made Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone popular in India. It is a different story that Sylvester came in contact with Hinduism. Sylvester’s son dies. Then they realized that their child’s soul was all around them.

A priest then advised him to donate ‘Pind.’ After that, Sylvester came to Haridwar with his family and donated Pind. Since then, Sylvester has come to believe in Hinduism.

Hugh Jackman

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has a strong belief in Hinduism. He has said in many interviews that he was fascinated by Hindu mysticism. After that, he started reciting the Upanishads, Bhagwat Gita. Hugh Jackman was born a Christian. But they practice good things in all religions.

Jackman also wrote ‘Om Parmar Manmar’ in Sanskrit on his wedding ring.

Angelina Jolie


Popular Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie often visited India. After coming here, she felt the civility of Indian culture. Angelina loved some of the concepts in Buddhism. Not only that, she studied Buddhism and began to practice that religion.

Robert Downey Jr


After ‘Iron Man’, Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr. became very popular in the entire cinema world. Robert has converted to Buddhism. It is also associated with ISKCON’s Hare Krishna movement. Robert is a Jew by birth. But he is greatly influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism. Robert is also a staunch supporter of Yoga and is practicing it.


Famous pop singer Madonna is not only famous for her songs but also her western lifestyle. Recently, she openly stated that she was very close to Hinduism and Indian culture. Madonna often wears Hindu attire and attends Aarti at the temple.

Russell Brand

The famous comedian Russell brand is also heavily influenced by Hinduism, spirituality, and meditation. Russell is married to Katy Perry in Rajasthan, according to Hindu rites. Her marriage was very popular at that time.

(Text Courtesy: India Speaks Daily)

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