Americans4Hindus endorse Cindy Hyde-Smith for Mississippi Senate seat

Americans4Hindus (A4H) – A non-partisan independent SuperPAC of American Hindus, Americans for Hindus, and Hindus for America have endorsed Republican candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith for the US Senate from Mississippi, in Elections 2020 on November 3rd. “Candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith is the bright star of the GOP and closely aligned with President Trump and who is a friend of India and Indian American Community who travelled to Houston, TX to meet and greet Prime Minister Modiji at the Howdy Modi event along with President Donald Trump,” it said in a press release.

Americans4Hindus is guided by eternal principles of Sanatana Dharma, a perennial philosophy that supports and upholds values that preserve and protect, individual, family, community, society, nation and earth. 

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