Amid concerns of Russian cyberattacks, Gov Hochul reminds New Yorkers to stay safe online

Governor Kathy Hochul has advised New Yorkers about charity scams and increased cybersecurity threats related to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The New York State Division of Consumer Protection has learned of fraudulent requests for charitable relief money to support victims of the war. Consumers are encouraged to carefully evaluate any request for money and verify charities prior to donating money or supplies. Governor Hochul also encourages New Yorkers to remain on guard when releasing sensitive information online amid an uptick in cybersecurity threats through the utilization of security recommendations from the Department of Taxation and Finance. This follows the Governor’s formation of the Joint Security Operations Center, which serves as the center for joint local, state and federal cyber efforts.

“New York is home to the largest Ukrainian population in the United States, and New Yorkers always lend a helping hand to take care of those in need,” Governor Hochul said. “However, we must remain cautious of those who try to commit fraud, taking advantage of others’ kindness. In your generosity to help our Ukrainian friends and family, remember if something seems suspicious, it likely is. Encourage your friends and family, especially elderly loved ones, to stay vigilant online.”

Any time disasters occur, scam artists prey on the heartstrings of individuals looking to help. The invasion of Ukraine provides an opportunity for fraudsters to set up fake charities or pose as compelling war victims. Others design websites to mimic a legitimate charity’s official site to steal unsuspecting donors’ money and/or personal information.

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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