Amit Tandon: Much of the inspiration for comedy comes from my family

New Delhi: Stand-up comedian Amit Tandon’s observational humor has always hit the chords with his audience. He was one of the first few comedians to step onto comedy shows on OTT.

Talking about what makes his shows popular, Amit told IANS: “Much of the inspiration for my scripts comes from my family. This is why most of my comedy is about being middle class, managing kids and parents, and finding a balance in my married life.”

Amit has collaborated as a writer with comedian Gursimran Khamba for the upcoming satirical comedy show ‘Chalo Koi Baat Nahi’.

Sharing the concept of the satirical show, he said “In 2019, I and Khamba started working on different concepts. Sketch plus stand up was the format that Sony found most appealing.”

He continued, “Once the project was commissioned, we got four more writers on board from different backgrounds – Manuj Chawla, Rohan Desai, Mohd Anas, and Gurleen Pannu. Finally, the script and storyline was done by two writers and then everyone contributed to punching it up.”

Amit Tandon was part of ‘Comedians of the World’, one of the initial comedy shows on OTT. Amit believes that stand-up comedy has come a long way. “In the last 10 years, stand-up comedy has moved from being one of those elite entertainment sources which were limited to small pubs and clubs of Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore to being a very mass-consumed entertainment form. Today the shows are happening in not just cosmopolitan cities but also in cities like Kanpur, Bilaspur, Gwalior, etc.”

‘Chalo Koi Baat Nahi’ released on August 20 on Sony LIV.

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