Andrij Parekh wins an Emmy for HBO series Succession

By The SATimes News Service

Los Angeles: Director Andrij Parekh, the Indian connect in the Emmys 2020 winner roster, has dedicated his award to all people of color.

Parekh, who is of Indian-Ukrainian descent, won an Emmy for directing the “Hunting” episode of drama series “Succession” one of the big winners at the annual gala this year.

An acclaimed cinematographer for 20 years, the “Succession” job incidentally marked his directorial debut. 

“I am deeply honored and humbled by this award. This distinction has been bestowed upon me on my birthday. So, thank you for the gift,” Parekh said while starting his acceptance speech, going on to thank the cast and crew of the show.

“The show has been such a professional dream starting as a cinematographer, and now this… I want to thank my beautiful wife and daughter who put up with my artistic pursuits, brother and my mom and dad,” he added.

Parekh dedicated the award to “all the kids whose names like mine are difficult to pronounce.”

“To those who don’t look like their classmates and are defined as outsiders, as hyphenated Americans and not simply just Americans. This is proof that you belong and this Emmy is ours,” he added.

“Succession” follows the lives of the Roy family as they contemplate their future, once the family’s aging patriarch (essayed by Brian Cox) begins to step back from their media and entertainment conglomerate.

Parekh’s various assignments in the past include “Half Nelson”, “Sugar”, “Blue Valentine”, “The Zookeeper’s Wife”, “13 Reasons Why”, “Madame Bovary” and “Show Me A Hero.”

Parekh was born in Boston and raised in Minneapolis.

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