Arrest warrant against woman who threw hot coffee at Indian-American man, son

New York: The New York Police have identified the woman who threw a cup of hot coffee at an Indian-American man wearing a Palestinian scarf, and his 18-month-old son at a playground last week.

Ashish Prashar, 40, was playing with his son at the Edmonds Playground in Brooklyn when the incident occurred on November 7. When he took out his phone to record the incident, the woman first threw her phone towards them, followed by the cup of hot coffee.

Sharing a post on X on Wednesday, Prashar said the NYPD had identified the woman and issued an arrest warrant against her. “The NYPD have identified the woman who attacked my 18-month-old and I last week. They have issued an arrest warrant — we’re waiting for her to be picked up… Thank you all for your support, love and blessings,” Prashar wrote.

Prashar said the woman charged at them when she saw him wearing a keffiyeh — a headscarf traditionally worn by Palestinian men. “She said, ‘Do you support Hamas? Do you know they are terrorists?’ Then she said my people are all dogs… ‘Do you know your people burn babies?…I hope someone burns your baby in an oven,’” Prashar said.

Image courtesy of (Yes Punjab)

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